Sultan Dinar Lauds Ruto’s Push for Peace in Sudan


The sultan of Darfur Ahmed Ali Dinar, has acknowledged president William Ruto and expressed his admiration for the contributions made by Kenyan head of state towards achieving peace in Sudan.

Last week president William Ruto and Sudan leader General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan held talks on finding a lasting solution to the conflict in the country.

This culminated to an agreement to work towards a framework for an all-inclusive dialogue.

Sultan Dinar commended President Ruto’s relentless dedication and the initiatives aimed halting the conflict and facilitating a peaceful agreement.

“We laud the continuous efforts and initiatives that have been launched to stop the war and reach an agreement that restores security and peace to the Sudanese people and Sudan,” said Sultan Dinar.

He also lauded Turkey’s significant role and the unwavering support extended by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Sudan and its people. He emphasized the importance of Turkey’s solidarity with Sudan.

Sultan Ahmed Ali Dinar also touched upon the conflict in Gaza, denouncing it as an affront to humanity as a whole and a violation of international humanitarian law.

He categorically stated that the actions being taken constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity, affecting not only Gaza and Palestine but the world at large.

In this context, he praised Turkey’s role and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s steadfast advocacy for the Palestinian cause.

Moreover, Sultan Ahmed Ali Dinar highlighted Africa’s evolving role on the global stage in the coming century, underscoring its partnership with Turkey as one of the continent’s most valued allies.

He viewed Turkey as a strategic partner in building a vibrant and modern Africa that actively works towards its own rejuvenation—a generation that rejects defeat and firmly believes in Africa’s potential, its vast resources, and the capabilities of its people.

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