The Nairobi West Hospital Expands Reach with Launch of Parklands Specialty Clinic


The Nairobi West Hospital proudly announces the opening of its newest specialty clinic located in Parklands, Nairobi.


This marks the second branch in Nairobi, complementing the main hospital along Gandhi Avenue in Nairobi West and the Utawala satellite clinic.


The expansion underscores the hospital’s unwavering dedication to providing exceptional healthcare services and reinforces its position as a premier healthcare provider in the region.


Situated at 1st Junction, 1st Parklands Avenue, Nairobi, the Parklands clinic boasts modern amenities and cutting-edge medical equipment, ensuring patients receive top-notch treatment in a comfortable setting.


“We are thrilled to unveil The Nairobi West Hospital Parklands Specialty Clinic, representing a significant milestone in our mission to extend quality and accessible healthcare services in Nairobi,” said Ashish Raman, Chief Operating Officer of The Nairobi West Hospital. “Recognizing the need for healthcare services in Parklands, Westlands, and its environs, we have established this specialty clinic to cater to the community’s needs conveniently and effectively.”


The clinic offers a comprehensive range of world-class outpatient services, including, Daycare surgical procedures, Cardiology clinic with ECG and ECHO services, ANC and Gynaecology clinic, Pediatric clinic

Ophthalmology and optical services, Oncology clinic and chemotherapy, Urology clinic, Dermatology clinic, Male and female infertility and IVF clinic, ENT and dermatology clinic, among others.


Operating hours are Monday to Saturday, from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and Sunday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for patients.


“At The Nairobi West Hospital, our vision is anchored on delivering excellent patient experiences and exceptional clinical outcomes,” added Ashish Raman. “This expansion aligns with our Q2 strategy, demonstrating our commitment to listening to our customers’ needs and staying ahead in the dynamic healthcare landscape.”


This milestone comes amidst the backdrop of other high-profile service launches by the Hospital. The Nairobi West Hospital stands as the sole facility in Kenya conducting Bone Marrow Transplants.


Since its inaugural BMT case in October 2022, the hospital has successfully completed a dozen BMT procedures for patients in Kenya. Additionally, it introduced Kidney transplant services in June 2023, having now completed close to ten successful kidney transplant procedures.


The hospital prides itself on a team of world-renowned nephrologists and kidney transplant specialists.


Furthermore, the main hospital features a 24-hour customized helipad to enhance medical emergency services, catering to a growing local and international demand.


This pioneering facility, the first of its kind in Kenya, has enhanced the hospital’s capacity to respond to medical emergencies by facilitating air evacuations within the country and across the East Africa region.


The hospital extends a warm invitation to the community to experience the exceptional healthcare services offered at the Parklands Specialty Clinic.


With patient-friendly suites and a breathtaking environment, The Nairobi West Hospital looks forward to serving the healthcare needs of individuals and families in the area.



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