There Are Plans to ‘Eliminate’ Raila- Oburu Now Says


There is a plan to eliminate Azimio leader Raila Odinga politically after launching protests against the government.

Raila’s elder brother Oburu Odinga has asked the government to charge him with the offences he has committed instead of having sideshows with a hidden agenda.

He insisted the family is greatly concerned by the utterances made by the government against his younger brother.

“We would love to know as family what Raila has committed to deserve threats from the Kenya Kwanza administration,” he said.

Oburu said the family wants to know what his younger brother has committed which is against the law and the constitution.

He was reacting to threats against Raila by the Kenya Kwanza administration during a media briefing held at Moi international airport in Mombasa county.

The family spokesperson said they will be satisfied with the government response instead of the threats issued against Raila.

Oburu dismissed claims that Raila has personal issues with President William Ruto adding that  the high cost of living is a national issue and not an issue concerning Raila alone.

“The government should stop treating the skyrocketing of the prices of essential commodities in the  country as Azimio leader’s personal issues,” he added.

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The family spokesperson said that the high cost of living is a national issue and does not concern Raila alone.

Oburu defended Raila’s taking part in mass protests saying he is within his constitutional rights to take part in the antigovernment demonstrations.

He argued that Raila fought for the constitutional rights in the 2010 constitution adding that the constitutional rights is what the electorate fought for and taking part in the demonstrations is exercising those rights.

“The Head of State should stop issuing threats against Raila as if the protests are my brother’s  personal initiative,” he said.

The family spokesperson told the media Raila deserved police protection like other taxpayers  instead of using excessive force against him and the protesters.

Oburu said he is disappointed with the behaviour of the security forces who lobbed teargas cannisters at peaceful demonstrators.

He lashed out at the  government for misusing the instruments of power instead of using them to protect the protesters.

The family spokesperson said the anti government pretests which are against the rising cost of living were peaceful but it’s the police who caused chaos.

Oburu asked the police take responsibility for disrupting peaceful protests through throwing teargas canisters and splashing water against the demonstrators.

He told the Head of State to stop being emotional and instead eat the humble pie and accept his failures.

“Stop using Raila as your subject during your functions and just concentrate on your day’s trip’s agenda,” he told Ruto.

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