Transforming Kenyan Agribusiness with Innovation and Integrity


In the heart of Kenya’s agribusiness landscape, Maxim Agri Kenya is not just a company; it’s a force driving positive change in the sector. Established in November 2007 as a subsidiary of its Dutch holding company, Maxim Agri is rapidly becoming a beacon of excellence, providing comprehensive agricultural solutions for farms of all sizes.

Maxim Agri Kenya takes pride in being the only dedicated feed company in the country, standing out among competitors who treat feed production as a by-product. The company will produce aqua feed & cattle feed in phase one. It has set up the largest aqua feed plant in Kenya, which has just started production.

  “No Hormones, No antibiotics, no aflatoxins.” Maxim Agri Kenya General Manager Obaid ur Rehman said.

  “This commitment extends beyond business—it’s a pledge to never compromise on the well-being of animals and to deliver the highest quality products to farmers.”

Going beyond local boundaries, Maxim Agri Kenya is challenging conventional feed practices in developing countries. The company addresses critical issues such as aflatoxin and blood meal content in animal feed, paving the way for safer and more sustainable agricultural practices.

Maxim Agri Kenya is a catalyst for economic growth. The company has already created 100 direct jobs within its first year of operation, with an ambitious vision to grow to 300 direct jobs in three years. The positive impact extends further, with 500 indirect jobs established and a goal of reaching 1200 indirect jobs, showcasing Maxim Agri’s commitment to fostering prosperity in the communities it serves.

At the helm of Maxim Agri Kenya is Faisal Farid, a leader with a proven track record in leading strategic frameworks, delivering results, and expanding businesses across countries. As the CEO, Founder, and Managing Director, Farid brings a wealth of experience and a vision that aligns with the company’s commitment to innovation, integrity, and sustainable growth.

Maxim Agri Kenya’s commitment to sustainability is further emphasised by its shareholder structure. Joachim Westerveld, CEO of Bio Foods Ltd, a leading processor and marketer of premium dairy products and a B Corporation-certified company, is one of the shareholders and co-founders. While in Samakgro, Maxim Agri has a JV with Victory Farm, whose CEO, Joseph Rehmann, is considered a trendsetter in Aquafarming. These collaborations underline Maxim Agri’s endeavour to work with successful companies & entrepreneurs who share the same values as Maxim.

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