By Mourice Seretta

Trident insurance company limited is on the spot for allegedly frustrating its clients.

This is after it emerged that one of its clients, Mr Christopher Majau Kithinji, has got his car lying at Deem garage in Meru even after all repairs have been done and the car due for releasing.

Kithinji offers that his car, registration number kcb 793B got an accident mid this year and Trident Insurance Company Limited which he has insured his car with reffered him to Deem Garage in Meru so that the car can be repaired.

Since then and immediately after all repairs were done and the car due for release, the insurer allegedly began a hide and seek game on payments so as the car be released.

Kithinji offers that he has made numerous trips to Deem Garage and to Trident Insurance Company Limited so as to dispense with the matter but the insurer has not been willing to settle the matter with the client.

Kithinji says the insurer has issued him with PDC Cheques, that Deem Garage says will not work to their satisfaction.

He further says that he has even visited the Insurance Regulatory Authority, IRA, to launch a formal complaint on the same but Kithinji says he has not been satisfied with how IRA dealt with the matter.

At one point, he further says, the cheques even after they were released, they mysteriously disappeared from the insurer’s offices but resurfaced after he prodded further.

He points an accusing finger to one Mukasa Ngungu who he says acts as a broker and go between the insurer and the clients.
The manger of Deem Garage in Meru, Kithinji says, has no problem as he only needs to be paid so as to release the car, months down the line.

Kithinji also says he only needs Trident Insurance Company Limited to act fast and release the car.

Attached herewith are copies of the letters to and from Trident Insurance Company Limited and Deem Garage, Meru. Attached also are copies of the cheques.

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