Twiva Feted Best Online Social Commerce Platform in the Region


By Isabella Maua

The Middle East and Africa Business Awards have recognised Twiva as the best social commerce Across Middle East and Africa.


The awards annually acknowledge the outstanding contributions of businesses and individuals that positively impact the Middle East and Africa region, fostering success and true difference.


The influencer-powered social commerce platform empowers brands, especially MSMEs, to effectively access markets while creating dignified digital job opportunities for young people.


The firm said that the recognition is a reflection of its significant role in promoting social commerce within the region, benefiting both the local and global communities.


Since its inception, Twiva has been at the forefront of enabling influencers to turn their influence and passion into profitable ventures by reselling merchants’ products and earning from that.

Through their platform, they provide a dynamic space where businesses can connect with influencers to amplify their reach and drive sales.

By harnessing the power of influencer marketing, they enable brands to engage with their target audiences authentically and efficiently.

The Head of Marketing and PR at Twiva Grace Gikonyo, said that the platform is dedicated to creating digital and dignified job opportunities for young people

 “Our focus remains to help brands effectively gain access to markets by leveraging social media influencers to market and sell goods and services. We are building the future of retail in Africa by disrupting a $500bn industry, digitizing and democratizing access to markets for MSMEs, removing the lack of trust for online consumers in one of the world’s fastest-growing markets, and seamlessly blending social experiences and e-commerce transactions through a single path to purchase.”


Twiva has consistently established itself as a leader in the social commerce sector, pioneering a distinct business model. Their dedication to innovation ensures unparalleled efficiency, solidifying their prominent role in the industry.


According to a report by Research and Markets, social commerce is poised to emerge as a force majeure in the digital retail landscape in Middle East and Africa, demonstrating a compelling annual growth rate of 34.0% to reach an impressive US$12.58 billion in 2025.


The report elucidates the trajectory that sees the social commerce Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) in the region expanding from US$9.39 billion in 2024 to a staggering US$42.54 billion by 2029.


This market upsurge is backed by increasing internet connectivity, widespread adoption of smartphones, lower data costs, extensive use of social media, and a youthful population spending more time online. Notably, the Middle East and African markets are creating a robust framework conducive to the ascent of social commerce.


Capitalizing on Kenya’s vast digital landscape of 22.71 million internet users, Twiva offers a groundbreaking platform where shopping is not just easy but swift, with deliveries promised within 24-48 hours through influencer-curated e-shops.


With an impressive roster of businesses and resellers, Twiva stands unrivaled in Kenya, redefining the shopping experience through its innovative approach.


“Social Commerce in Africa has seen remarkable growth in recent years, with an increasing number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) leveraging social networks and platforms to enhance their sales and customer engagement,” said Peter Kironji, Twiva’s CEO & Co-founder.


He added that in response to the evolving market dynamics, especially post-COVID, the firm is intensifying efforts to attract more users to its platform.


“By integrating social features, we aim to foster a community-driven shopping experience that encourages discovery, sharing, and purchasing within a social context. Our commitment is to build a platform where businesses can thrive by connecting more meaningfully with their customers, tapping into the power of social commerce to drive growth and success in Africa’s digital marketplace,”

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