Uphold Unity of Purpose,Bungoma Deputy Governor Tells Leaders


By Isabella Maua

Bungoma County Deputy Governor Janepher Mbatiany has challenged leaders in Mt. Elgon to embrace unity of purpose so as to achieve their pledges to wananchi.

Speaking on Friday at Kapsokwony during a fundraiser, Mbatiany called out politicians who play dirty politics and politricks to jeopardize the current regime’s development schemes.

“It is saddening that some people would politicize everything Lusaka’s administration has done and is still doing; we should learn to be grateful for what we’re given so that more can be added to us,” advised Mbatiany.

She, on the other hand, pointed out tangible projects that have either been completed or are in the advanced stage of completion in the region but haven’t been appreciated by the pessimists who are dimmed to mislead the public against the government of the day.

“On Friday, I delivered 20 beds, mattresses, and 40 bedsheets to Mt. Elgon Sub County Hospital as directed by Governor Lusaka. Late last year, we also launched the High Altitude Training Centre at Chemoge according to Lusaka’s pledges,” reported Mbatiany.

Elgon MCA, George Kwemoi, accentuated Mbatiany’s point by lauding his close working relationship with the governor to ensure their manifesto is effected as per wananchi’s needs.

“For a long time we have complained of taking our tea to far-off factories. Lusaka has given us 10 million shillings for purchasing land at Kaberua, and that’s underway. A modern factory will soon be erected here, and definitely our economy will be greatly leveraged,” noted Kwemoi.

He also divulged that one of the key aspects of development is education, and the county government is dedicated to improving schools around Mt. Elgon so that students will get quality education, being the only life’s equalizer.

“Out of the 3.6 million shillings to be disbursed to schools, I channelled about 300,000 to Bugaa and Chepkarai Secondary Schools, which are just starting. Despite this not being the county government’s slot, we chip in for the passion in education,” said Kwemoi, who is also a former teacher.

He also pledged to chip in 3 million shillings to aid in the purchase of land for Bugaa SA Secondary School, which has stood on rented land since its establishment in 2021.

In matters of health, the deputy governor imparted that, as per the request made by Mt. Elgon Sub County Hospital through board chair Geoffrey Masudi, they have consulted with Permanent Secretary for Health, Harry Kimtai, and are following up on a two-story building plan.

She also announced that the State Department for Lands and Physical Planning will be setting foot on Mt. Elgon, and Wananchi will no longer have to make long travels to Bungoma town for title deeds or any land-related queries.

The county’s second in command also condemned the youth who accept being used by politicians to abuse or tarnish elected leaders’ names, stating they’re not seeking fame or validation but to live up to their pledges as long as they’re holding office.

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