We Must Resurrect The Ailing Education Sector in Bungoma: DG Janepher


By Isabella Maua

With the ever derailing  performance of Kaptama zone in Mt. Elgon Sub County (Bungoma County)for the past 3 consecutive years, education stakeholders in the region have on Friday held a meeting to look into the matter and amicably reach a lasting solution.

 The meeting that was hosted by Moi High School Boys Kaptama drew over 300 teachers, school heads, KNUT executives, county government officials, Bungoma Deputy Governor as well as other education stakeholders within the region.

While addressing the meeting, Donald Etiang’ Mt. Elgon Sub County Education Director cited absenteeism and lack of cooperation from stakeholders as key issues ailing the sector.

“Absenteeism among pupils, students and teachers are the key derailing factors that need be addressed urgently, not forgetting lack of sufficient support from parents and entire membership of our stakeholders,” noted Etiang’.

The principal also mentioned that some of the schools in the region have no classrooms, desks or enough teachers besides being inaccessible.

“The leadership should urgently address this matter in the following schools: Koostoy, ACK Kaborom, Toboo, Laboot and Tomoi schools most of which are located at Chepkitale near the forest areas,” the director observed.

Chief guest Dr. Geoffrey Cherongis emphasized on holistic learning and development of students pointing out that each child is differently talented and not all are academic oriented.

“Don’t look down upon the academically poor performing children rather empower them and cultivate on their talents,” advised Cherongis.

Kaptama MCA Francis Chemion, who’s a professional teacher called upon parents to take up their responsibilities of being the backbone of their children’s performance pledging that before end of his tenure all ECDEs in the ward will have modern equipped classes.

“Parents should accept that all children aren’t equal intellectually and that their performance is proportional to parental love experienced at home,” challenged Chemion.

Bungoma Education Chief Officer Nicholas Kiboi emphasized on the importance of ECDE centres which are still insufficient and understaffed.

“The county government is keen on ECDE centre construction as well as additional Vocational Training Centres to build great foundation for our children and empower our youth in impactful knowledge and skills to enable them create employment opportunities,” reiterated Kiboi.

Bungoma Deputy Governor Janepher Mbatiany challenged the teachers to have unity of purpose and a positive attitude since it’s key towards great performance.

“Cooperation between the county government and MCAs has been the backbone to our delivery to mwananchi so far, needless to say, good foundation of our children begins at home with moral values, so we’re all co dependent,” emphasized Mbatiany.

The County deputy also encouraged the stakeholders saying no challenges are unsurmountable only that the helm of leadership should be sound and visionary and in tandem with political goodwill to deliver good results.

After a whole day’s deliberation, the resolutions reached were that all members be committed to their duties, be good time managers, have full involvement in matters concerning them and that the county government renovate poorly structured schools in the region.

So far majority of pupils have scores that are much below average with none scoring between 400 – 500,17 between 350- 399,80 between 300-349, 138 between 250-299 and a whooping 307 students between 100 – 199 marks.

With all said and done education is not only an investment but also a partnership ; it arguably remains the sole investment with the greatest Return on Investment and though it sounds cliché its roots are bitter but the fruits sweet.

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