Why Busia Governor Paul Otuoma Threatens to Exit ODM Party


By Our Reporter

Busia Governor Paul Otuoma is now at war path with ODM party saying he has been isolated in key party activities in Busia.

According to Otuoma if ODM do not stop party activities in his county,he will will quit.

According to governor Otuoma he will not continue witnessing political humiliation perpetrated by Nairobi politicians who have now taken over Busia County.

“My deputy leader please Stop political shenanigans that’s going on in this County.We shall not allow that to happen..if you can’t listen then we shall leave this party.” He told ODM Party while addressing Budalangi residents.

“It’s only good to be where you efforts are seen but for now it seems ODM want to do their things independently without my input.I am the governor that must be recognized too.” He added.

Otuoma has developed a cold feet following Nairobi Majority Leader Peter Imwatok’s ODM registration campaigns in Teso and Busia town.

“Atoke akwende kama hataki kukaa kwa chama.Imwatok is a leader like him and he has not declared his interest in Busia so why Panic,” Samuel Emusala. Amagoro ODM supporter said.

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