Willstone Homes caught up in another web of fraud


Willstone homes is in yet another scandal less than a week after being accused of selling hundreds of houses on  a controversial piece of land.

The company has now been served with a 21 day completion notice for failure to complete payment for a 17 acre piece of land in Ruiru on which they have sold hundreds of houses to unsuspecting buyers.

The engineer owner claims his dues are way past their payment date and he now wants the Willstone homes to get less than half of the 17 acre piece, just equivalent of what the have paid for so far.

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This would mean that hundreds of clients of the estate called the Manna residence would end up losing  money in hundreds of millions.

Kenya, Westlands : ?️Willstone Homes this is Home.... - Kandja Immobilière

The estate, which was to be handed over mid this year now remains in doubt as works have also slowed down to the bare minimum.

Offplan companies continue to do poorly even after injection of billions by clients who are now ending up deeply frustrated by the repeated conmanship.

Companies such as Willstone homes continue to employ lots of pomp and color in their selling gimmicks while at the same time paying top dollar to their sales people.

Mr  Kinyanjui and fabian. Willstone Homes is owned  by Ejidio Kinyajui

Selling a single massionate in Willstone homes earns a sales person ksh. 500, 000 while a bungalow earns them ksh. 300,000.

Willstone homes, which is a founding member of the newly formed real estate stake holders association has been trending in the recent past over their misdeeds with tens of their clients taking to social media  to air their grievances.

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