Women challenged to go for elective posts in 2027 general elections


By Tobby Otum

Women in the country have been challenged to come out to seek for elective posts during the 2027 general elections.

Women Peace Builders Award 2023 Nobel winner Hamisa Zaja cautioned her colleagues not wait to be given the posts on a silver platter after the polls.

She urged them to go for elective posts and asked them not to shy away because of outdated cultural beliefs.

“Most of the beliefs are not friendly to women when it comes to the polls,” she insisted.

Zaja urged women to target the 47 gubernatorial positions in the next polls against the current odd number of governors.

She was addressing the media at Mombasa’s Moi international airport upon her arrival from a ceremony held in Washington DC.

The Award 2023 Nobel winner told journalists when the devolution commenced in 2013 there were no female governors after the polls.

Zaja, who is a person living with disability working with a non-governmental organisation, said the governor seats women were fighting to get were reserved for men.

She acknowledged the chances for women to occupy the post have generally increased.

“Let women aspirants not shy away or fear to vie for the gubernatorial posts,” she said.

The Women Peace Builders Award 2023 Nobel winner said they had expected President William Ruto to have a woman as his running mate when he vied for the presidency.

Zaja added they were taken back to the drawing when their dreams were shattered.

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