Women Senators Visit Langata Women Prison to Mark Mother Day


The Kenya Women Senators Association (KEWOSA) today joined the world in celebrating mother’s day by visiting the inmates at the Langata Womens Maximum Prison.

The members of the association, led by Chairperson Sen. Hamida Kibwana, celebrated the remarkable strength,resilience and unconditional live of mothers.

Freedom came early for 56inmates after Senators paid fines for petty offenders.

In addition to their presence, the Senators presented donations as a token of their support to bring a ray of hope and provide some relief during the inmate’s time of confinement.

“We understand that many of you are petty offenders who have been unable to pay fines not exceeding Ksh 10,000 to secure your release. It is disheartening to witness individuals who could be leading productive lives trapped behind bars due to financial constraints. In light of this, we, the Kenya Women Senators Association, have decided to pay fines for some of the eligible petty offenders among you, offering you a chance at freedom and reintegration into society” Senator Hamida declared,

The Lawmaker further recognized the men and women who work in the Prison and Police services who play a crucial role in maintaining public safety and upholding the rule of law. Yet, their own welfare, including housing conditions, often goes unnoticed and unaddressed.

“We must acknowledge that the living conditions of those responsible for enforcing justice impact their morale, well-being, and ultimately, their ability to carry out their duties effectively.” She added.

The Senators appealed to the President to prioritize the improvement of the welfare of the Prison and Police service.

They noted that the uniformed forces are living in deplorable housing conditions.

As a day of celebration and reflection,the Senators honored the remarkable strength and resilience of mothers, both within these walls and outside.

On the same breath the officer in charge of the institution Madam Esther Lochoto expressed her joy emanating from the kind gesture and called for more such acts of kindness.

She notes, ” I’m happy because the institution will be decongested and what gives me pleasure is that at least the 56 inmates whose fines are below 10000/= will be paid starting today and the 31 remandees with bonds below 5000/= will soon join their families. How i wish this could be done more oftenly,” she concluded.

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