Alarm as 35 Percent of Wild Animals Likely to Perish


By John Kariuki

Stakeholders have been implored upon to save the country’s fauna and flora at a time when the drought has left the industry devastated.

Dr Benson Kibore is the National Chairperson Union of Veterinary Practitioners Kenya (UVPK). He opines:

“We are urging the Government to include veterinary Professionals in every decision making process at a time when our country is staring at famine. This drought has wiped out hundreds of thousands of wildlife across the country. It’s despicable and disheartening to see the government fail to take any proactive steps in mitigating the drought. For example, there could be a plan to provide the wildlife with water in the natural ecosystems. This could have saved Mother Nature of the spectacular wildlife.

The restoration of our wildlife ecosystems will take more than 15 years in estimation.

Mr Kibore also urged the Government to utilise all the resources and machineries in its disposal in response to climate change related activities.

“The Military should by now be deployed to the various rangelands to salvage the wildlife… Kenya Wildlife Service should equally deploy personnel to save our heritage including having an elaborate plan on how to boost immunity for the surviving wild animals.

Dr Benson Kibore National Chairperson Union of Veterinary Practitioners Kenya (UVPK)

Mr Kibore also urged the Government agencies especially the Ministry of Health to remain alert due to the threat of rabies.

“Animals have left their natural ecosystems and have invaded homes. This is dangerous and poses a great danger of rabies and other related ailments. This should be addressed urgently.

But the bottom line is that the government ought to involve us in all its decision making processes. Let the government allow veterinary Professionals to advise it.

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