Government has taken adequate measures to tackle floods crisis -Ruto

President William Ruto has assured Kenyans the government has taken adequate measures aimed at responding to the current floods crisis.
He said they have taken immediate and short term measures in responding to the floods crisis in the affected counties.
“We have to acknowledge and act to reverse the adverse effects of climate change,” he pointed out.
Ruto pointed out the current unprecedented crisis of floods the  country is facing is the worst in 40 years after five consecutive failed rainy seasons.
He was making his remarks on the  current floods crisis at State House in Nairobi.
The Head of State added this is a direct consequence of failure to protect the environment.
Ruto said this has resulted in painful effects of climate change the country is witnessing today.
He added the country is poised to remain in the cyclical crisis for a long time.
“Unless either and until we confront the existential threat of climate change,” he cautioned.
The Head of State said the country’s climate action agenda is  informed by the sad reality that the future remains under threat until we restore our degraded ecosystems.
Ruto pointed out that the degraded ecosystems include forests, rivers and wetlands.
He urged Kenyans to remain committed to confronting the existential  challenges head on.

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