Rescue Operation Saves Twelve Street Children from Harsh Conditions


Twelve street children, comprising eleven boys and one girl aged between 4 and 14, were rescued from various parts of Nairobi city. The children have been placed under the care of Familia ya Ufajiri Children’s Home in Nairobi County, marking a significant step towards addressing the plight of street children in the region.

The initiative, spearheaded by the Street Families’ Rehabilitation Trust Fund, reflects heightened efforts to rescue and rehabilitate street children who often endure extreme hardships on the streets. Many of these children have escaped their homes due to violence and neglect, seeking refuge in abandoned buildings and fending for themselves by begging for food and money on the streets.

Speaking about their previous hardships, the rescued children shared heart-wrenching stories of hiding in abandoned buildings to escape violence at home, only to face further dangers and uncertainties on the streets. The lack of safety and care left them vulnerable to exploitation and harm, highlighting the urgent need for intervention and support.

“We used to hide in abandoned buildings to escape the violence at home. Even there, we didn’t feel safe. We had to fend for ourselves, begging for food and money on the streets. Sometimes, people would chase us away or even hurt us. It was scary being alone on the streets, but we didn’t know where else to go. We hope the children’s home will be a place where we can finally feel safe and cared for,” shared the children.

The rescue operation was attended by key figures, including Honorable Mary Wamboi, Board Chair of the Trust Fund, Mrs. Caroline Towett, CEO of the Trust Fund, Mr. Moses Shikuku, Officer in Charge of Nairobi Central Police Station, and Ms. Alvin Nyarangi from the Police Constable Gender and Children’s Desk, among other government officials. Their presence underscores the collaborative efforts between government agencies and non-governmental organizations in addressing the complex challenges faced by street children.

The placement of these children in a caring and supportive environment marks a significant step towards their rehabilitation and reintegration into society. It is hoped that initiatives such as this will provide a beacon of hope for other street children and contribute to long-term solutions for their well-being and future prospects.

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