CeraVe Taps Top Dermatologists To Deepen Consumer Skin Care Education

  • Global Therapeutic Skincare Brand CeraVe, Reveals Body Moisturization Advice from Global Dermatologists as Part of New Campaign

Global skin care brand CeraVe has released survey findings revealing the top body skincare tips, according to 54 dermatologists from 23 different countries.

With a need for global education on the indisputable benefits of body moisturization for everybody, CeraVe is tapping some of the country’s top dermatologists to deepen education amongst its Kenyan consumers.

The campaign’s goal is to educate consumers about the importance of a body skincare routine, which is often overlooked compared to facial skincare.

According to CeraVe’s survey, 90% of dermatologists surveyed said applying a moisturizer to the body daily is important to very important for overall skin health and 87% believe moisturizing the body is as important or more important as facial moisturizing.

These findings emphasize that the importance of body moisturizing for achieving healthy skin is universally recognized among dermatologists. However, dermatologist recommendations are not always reflected in patient behavior.

The survey found that more than one-third (35%) of dermatologists surveyed believe that their patients often neglect all body parts except the face. The most often neglected body parts, according to the dermatologists surveyed, were legs and feet (59%), followed by the neck (37%) and arms and elbows (35%).

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“As a brand rooted in science, CeraVe works closely with dermatologists to develop efficacious products for all people, and we know how critical a proper skincare routine is for the entire body,” said Edouard Homasson, General Manager L’Oréal Dermatological Beauty.

Dermatologists from around the world also widely agreed that ingredients matter when it comes to body care and 87% surveyed said a top recommended ingredient for body care is ceramides. An essential ingredient for the skin barrier, ceramides are lipids that help keep the skin barrier intact, sealing moisture in and irritants out.

L’Oréal dermatological beauty general manager Edouard Homasson, dermatologist Dr. Manal Bajaber, influencer Ikran Omar and CeraVe brand manager Mary Wangari. CeraVe is tapping some of the country’s top dermatologists to deepen skin care education amongst its Kenyan consumers.

“Part of our mission in providing therapeutic skincare for all people is increasing access to skincare education, and by sharing dermatologists’ tips through this campaign, we hope to inspire people to take better care of their skin,” said CeraVe brand manager Mary Wangari.

In addition to ceramides, the survey also uncovered that the top skincare ingredients dermatologists recommend for body care also include SPF (68%) and hyaluronic acid (39%).

The survey also found that the top three most important factors dermatologist tell their patients to consider in body care products include skin barrier restoration benefits (79%), hydrating ingredients (52%) and finding products that are gentle on sensitive skin (48%).

Report Findings

When it comes to dermatologist tips for healthy skin, there was one that rose to the top – moisturizing after a shower or when skin is damp. In fact, 96% of dermatologists surveyed agreed that the most important time to moisturize the body is after a shower to seal in moisture.

Other common tips for moisturization after a shower included patting skin dry instead of rubbing, keeping showers short and using lukewarm water instead of hot to prevent irritation of the skin.

Research and Markets projects the global skin care products market size is expected to reach USD 196.20 billion by 2030. It is expected to expand at a CAGR of 4.6% from 2022 to 2030.

The rising concerns over skin problems are driving the skincare products industry. The growing demand for concern-specific skincare products such as face creams, body lotions, shaving lotions and creams, and face sunscreens is likely to fuel the overall demand.

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