Chelimo Urges Leaders To Reason Together


The leader of National Vision Party Engineer Chelimo has implored upon leaders to embrace the voice of reason rather than jeopardize our country.

Reacting to the recently witnessed chaos during the Maandamano, Hon Chelimo cautioned those who call for destruction of property to cease.

“What we witnessed in Mlolongo where the vandalized a section of the expressway was retrogressive. No Kenyan should damage our infrastructure which is a great enabler of economic transformation,” he advised.

He told those leaders who feel aggrieved by anything to make use of the professional and legal means of addressing their grievances.

“We have avenues such as courts or even the National Assembly where anybody is free to forward their issue and it will be looked into. Going to the roads and causing mayhem cannot address even the high cost of living,” he advised.

He also advised the youths to shun being misused by some politicians to wreck havoc and destruction but rather they should involve themselves in constructive matters

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