David Muni Ichoho Takes Lead in National Tree-Planting Campaign



In response to the call by His Excellency President Dr. Hon. William Samoei Ruto to plant trees as a tribute to the victims of recent flash floods, Mr. David Muni Ichoho, the Immediate former KTDA Chairman and Director of Zone 1, led a tree-planting initiative early Friday morning.

Mr. Ichoho echoed the sentiments of President Ruto, acknowledging the undeniable impact of climate change on the frequency and severity of natural disasters like floods. Despite the challenges, he emphasized the importance of collective action in mitigating these effects and securing the well-being of future generations.

“Planting a tree may seem like a small act,” Mr. Ichoho remarked, “but its significance extends far beyond its roots. Trees symbolize resilience, growth, and hope in the face of adversity. They serve as guardians of nature, crucial in combatting climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide and regulating water cycles.”

On this National Tree-planting Day, Mr. Ichoho urged citizens to join hands in fostering a greener and more sustainable future. He emphasized that by participating in the initiative, individuals can contribute to environmental healing and strengthen defenses against future natural disasters.

Mr. Ichoho’s leadership in this tree-planting campaign reflects a commitment to environmental

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