Demonstrations Over High Cost of Living Thwarted in Mombasa


Business within the central business district (CBD) in Mombasa was temporary disrupted after law enforcement officers engaged in a running battle with organizers of an antigovernment demonstration and county elected leaders.

A section of human rights activists had assembled at the famous Pembe Za Ndovu in Mvita constituency to commence the peaceful procession and marking Saba Saba celebration.

Police who had earlier been notified of the celebration stopped the procession from taking place.

contingent of antiriot police officers had taken strategic positions along the busy Moi Avenue making shop keepers panic and hurriedly close their shops fearing looting.

Drama started when the civil society activists started marching towards the Treasury Square roundabout in the constituency.

They managed to overcome two police barriers but could not go beyond a third barrier.

Kisauni MP Rashid Bedzimba, Mvita MP Machele Mahmoud Soud, Mombasa Woman Representative Zamzam Mohammed, Jomvu MP Bady Twalib and Mombasa Senator Mohamed Faki Mohamed joined in and forced the procession back on track.

They regrouped and started marching afresh before hell broke loose after a police truck blocked them before entering the Nkurumah Road roundabout.

Police were forced to lob teargas canisters to disperse the demonstrators including Kisauni MP Rashid Bedzimba, Mvita MP Machele Mahmoud Soud, Mombasa Woman  Representative Zamzam Mohammed, Jomvu MP Bady Twalib and Mombasa Senator Mohamed Faki Mohamed. They were stopped from accessing the central business district (CBD).

Police dispersed the demonstration against the Kenya Kwanza administration by lobbying teargas canisters at the demonstrators.

For almost one hour the police were engaged in a running battle with the protesters who were carrying placards and wearing sungura on their heads.

Journalists had a hectic time as they were also teargassed as they covered the demonstration.

Efforts to launch a desk for collection of signatures against the Kenya Kwanza administration were also thwarted.

The demonstration was organized by a section of human rights activists from the county led by Concern-Citizen Kenya’s Bradley Ouma, Social Justice Center/Fast Action activist Harriet  Muganda and Together 4 Society activist Edwin Shamir among others.

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