Draft Regulations for Affordable Housing Act Under Parliamentary Review



The Affordable Housing Act, 2024, is one step closer to realization as Members of Parliament (MPs) prepare to deliberate on draft regulations aimed at operationalizing the legislation.

Speaker Moses Masika Wetang’ula, E.G.H,MP, has referred the draft Affordable Housing Regulations, 2024, to the Committee on Delegated Legislation for thorough review and consideration.

According to Dr. Wetang’ula, Section 59(3) of the Affordable Housing Act mandates the Cabinet Secretary to table the regulations before Parliament within 30 days of the Act’s commencement. The Ministry of Lands, Public Works, Housing, and Urban Development submitted the draft regulations on April 26, 2024.

The primary objective of these regulations is to provide clarity and guidance on the implementation of the Affordable Housing Act. They address several key areas, including eligibility for exemptions from the Affordable Housing Levy, criteria for allocating and reallocating affordable housing units, required deposits for such units, loan interest rates and administration fees, procedures for off-take of affordable housing units, and restrictions on selling them.

Speaker Wetang’ula noted the significance of the regulations in facilitating the full implementation of the affordable housing program. He highlighted that the Ministry had engaged with various stakeholders during the drafting process to ensure comprehensive input.

Acknowledging the importance of thorough scrutiny, Speaker Wetang’ula emphasized the need for the Committee on Delegated Legislation to meticulously examine the draft regulations before presenting them for parliamentary consideration.

As the nation endeavors to address the pressing issue of affordable housing, the parliamentary review of these draft regulations marks a crucial step forward in realizing the objectives outlined in the Affordable Housing Act, ultimately aiming to provide decent and affordable housing for all citizens.

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