Elizabeth Nasaka Appointed to Head Agilitee EA Operations


The pioneer of electric vehicles in Africa, Agilitee, has announced the appointment of Mrs Elizabeth Nasaka as the first CEO for its East Africa subsidiary.

Mrs Nasaka will head the operations of AI mobility firm in East Africa and will be based at the regional headquarters of Agilitee East Africa in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mrs Nasaka has built her career over time, and most recently, she served as the Chief Business Development Director at Redmark Consultants in Nairobi, where she played a central role in bringing Agilitee to East Africa.

Commenting on the news, Dr Mandla Lamba, Agilitee founder & CEO stated, that Mrs Nasaka has the kind of zeal and drive for the green revolution.

“It’s so insatiable that it is easy to believe that she will contribute to the revolution and inspire many young women in Africa. She is a great addition to our team. “

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Agilitee is the first greentech, EV and AI company in Africa and it is the first black owned in the world.

The giant is currently doing an IPO that values the company at $20 billion and it is the first EV & Greentech company in Africa to go public on any stock exchange in Africa.

In her new role she says that The growth will focus on sustainable green energy economy with lots of jobs creation and especially Women getting a chance to invest in Electric Vehicles dealership through our franchise models.

“It is a humbling experience and in my experience from business development across different regions and different industries I take this as a line I’d love to see growing into life changing move for our people and harnessing the climate challenges caused by fossil fuels,”

Ms Nasaka will be betting on the increased participation of women in the the boards of various organsiations.

“But in that regard I have to note I have huge team of women leaders in East Africa Board representation and back in south Africa who give me the encouragement and together with other team members take this opportunity to create more opportunities for women in Africa and beyond.”

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