Eshiachi: The Catalyst for Change in Matungu Politics


“Eshiachi is Heightening his Corporate Responsibilities as he Angles to Dethrone Nabulindo”

The Matungu Parliamentary seat is not going to be based on theories and non-issues but on deliverable manifestos that resonate with the development aspirations of the residents.

Corporate responsibility, rather than personal interests and intentions, overrides to secure the future of the younger generations.

Matungu residents want leadership that equips their children to cope with cutthroat competition at the national level rather than focusing on who negotiates for personal interests.

Benard Wakoli, alias “ESHIACHI,” has presented himself as the safe pair of hands for the Matungu people.

“ESHIACHI,” as commonly known, has left a permanent mark in the lives of many people across the constituency, and more is expected of him in the long run.

Several needy cases have been enlisted in his programs, with over 500 school-going children having their school fees paid, and several water points (springs) worked on in several parts of the greater Matungu Constituency.

“The interest of Matungu people comes first. I will do anything humanly possible to see to it that we make a super haven for us all,” says Wakoli.

His praises run deep and wide across the constituency.

“The humility in Wakoli’s lifestyle is unmatched. I just like how he interacts with people of all classes regardless. No one expects such a man whom God has blessed dearly with resources to mingle with us to that extent,” said a cleric from Eshikhondi.

A bodaboda rider from Ejinja quipped, “My children are in school courtesy of Ben, and I promise to rally my friends and neighbors to support him.”

This is the time to fix all the messes being witnessed in all sectors, and the right person for Matungu is none other than Eshiachi.

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