Nairobi County Assembly Investigates Revenue Collection Servers, Calls for Transparency



In a bid to unravel the complexities surrounding revenue collection systems in Nairobi County, an ad-hoc committee of the Nairobi County Assembly embarked on a thorough investigation, visiting various server sites operated by firms previously engaged by the county government.

The committee’s findings shed light on discrepancies and raised concerns regarding the transparency and efficiency of the current revenue system provider, Nairobi Revenue Service (NRS), also known as Nairobi Pay.

Led by Chairman Peter Imwatok, the committee visited servers hosted by the National Bank of Kenya and Webtribe, commonly known as Jambo Pay, both of which had previously provided revenue collection services for the county. The visits revealed a clear organizational structure and transparent operations, contrasting with the opacity surrounding the NRS system.


Addressing the media after the site visits, Imwatok expressed concern over the lack of clarity regarding the location, administration, and ownership of the servers hosting the NRS system. Unlike Jambo Pay and NBK, where servers were readily visible, the committee found it challenging to ascertain crucial details about the NRS infrastructure.

“We have seen where and how servers are hosted with a glaring sight to what is happening with their operations…unlike Jambo Pay and NBK, what is unique with the NRS System is the absence of visible servers, administrators, and crucial information,” Imwatok stated.

The committee’s visit also highlighted discrepancies in the role of the Nairobi Revenue chief officer, Wilson Gakuya, who was subsequently removed for misleading the committee and overstepping his authority. Imwatok emphasized that the operations of the Revenue Authority have been halted due to irregularities, including the lack of formal meetings and the Executive’s usurpation of advisory roles.

During the investigation, Lydia Gatheru, the Nairobi Customer Service Director, clarified that revenue collected by the county is not remitted to NRS but directly deposited into Nairobi County government accounts. This revelation raised further questions about the necessity and functionality of the NRS system.


Furthermore, the committee lauded Web Tribe Ltd for its transparent and reliable services during its tenure handling revenue collection for Nairobi. With concerns mounting over the decline in revenue collection under NRS, the committee is pushing for the removal of the controversial system, advocating for greater transparency and accountability in revenue management.

In light of the findings, the committee has been granted a 45-day extension by the County Assembly to further investigate the NRS system’s location, administration, and operations before presenting its comprehensive report. The quest for transparency and efficiency in revenue collection remains paramount as Nairobi County seeks to streamline its financial processes for the benefit of its residents.

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