Every Skill in the Government Must be of International Standards


By Tobby Otum 

Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) must work in partnership with stakeholders to be able to identify skills.

State Department for Technical, Vocational Education and Training Principal Secretary Dr. Esther Thaara Muoria said the International Labour Organization (ILO) and stakeholders will work with the government to identify skills in the labour market.

She insisted this will ensure the right skills are identified for the right places with government recognition.

“This will not only be the case in the local but also international industry,” she pointed out.

Esther said the government is ready to work with relevant industries to be able to place skills and certified students at the right places.

She was speaking during a retreat for the KNQA council members at PrideInn Flamingo  beach resort Shanzu in Mombasa County.

The PS said the government is confident the state corporation will identify skills and training and certification.

Esther insisted the state corporation, as one of the arms of government, is expected to achieve its mandate.

She added the government is at an advanced stage to give priority to early learning which play a vital role to the government.

“The  government will bring everybody on board including those who require their prior learning to be recognized,” she pointed out

The PS said KNQA’s policies and guidelines constitute a critical and essential element.

Esther pointed out all-together, policies and procedures provide a roadmap for day-to-day operations of the state corporation.

She urged the council to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, give guidance for decision-making and streamline internal processes.

“At the end of this retreat, we  anticipate the KNQA policies, guidelines and instruments to be appraised by the council,” she pointed out.

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