Experts Convene in Kenya to Explore Nature-Based Solutions for Sustainable Development


On April 4th, 2023, a Nature-Based Solution dissemination Workshop was held at the Villa Rosa Kempinski in Kenya.

 According to the organizers of the event, the Nature-based Solution report and workshop is part of a broader effort by the Food and land Use Coalition, Kenyan government and its partners to promote sustainable development and environmental conservation for people, planet and nature.

 The workshop brought together experts from various fields, including government officials, conservationists, scientists/researchers, donor and community leaders, to discuss innovative solutions to environmental challenges. Participants shared experiences, best practices, and lessons learned stemming from the NbS report.

Mr. Jeremiah Rogito, Food and Land Use secretariat at AGRA said that the workshop aimed to disseminate the report “Prosperous Land, Prosperous People: Scaling finance for Nature-based Solutions in Kenya,” produced by the Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU) and originally released on November 9th, 2022, at COP 27 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

 “The workshop provided a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences on nature-based solutions, and participants discussed the need for developing clear action plans that speak to the local people. The Food and land Use Coalition, Kenyan government, and its partners are making efforts to promote sustainable development and environmental conservation for people, planet, and nature, and the nature-based solution report and workshop are part of this broader effort,”he said.

 He noted that Kenya has prioritized 4 critical transitions (Healthy diets, productive and regenerative agriculture, protecting and restoring nature and food loss and waste to enable a sustainable food and land use system.

 John Kioli Chair of the Kenya Climate said , “I applaud the FOLU global and Kenya secretariat and its members for coming up with this report. This report is timely as it comes at a time that Kenya is committed to scaling up its efforts in addressing climate change as demonstrated by the establishment and constitution of the National Climate Change Council” said Change Working Group and member of the National Climate Change Council.

 Apollos Nwafor Vice President for Policy and State Capability at AGRA noted that nature-based solutions are key to achieving sustainable development and addressing climate change.

 “We are excited to host this workshop, which will provide a platform for us to share knowledge and experiences on nature-based solutions, beyond just presenting this report we need to develop clear action plans that speaks to the local people” he said.

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