Former NACADA Chairman’s Son, Martin Munene Njenga Faces New Arrest after Pre-trial Twist


Former NACADA Chairman's Son, Martin Munene Njenga, Escapes Theft Charges as Stolen Vehicle Recovered

The case involving Martin Munene Njenga, the son of the former NACADA chairman and Naivasha member of parliament, John Mututho, has taken a significant turn.

The matter, originally scheduled for a pre-trial hearing on Thursday before Magistrate Esther Kimulu at the Milimani court, was unexpectedly withdrawn. This decision came after the complainant informed the court that they had successfully recovered the allegedly stolen vehicle.

According to the complainant, they located the vehicle, which had a value of 5.8 million Kenyan shillings and belonged to Peter Onyango, at the Kilimani police station.

The vehicle had been slated for sale within a specific timeframe, but the accused had gone missing, compelling the complainant to report the matter to the police, eventually leading to Munene’s arrest.

Munene had previously been charged on the 26th of October with the theft of the motor vehicle. Notably, this development occurred while Munene was already facing severe fraud charges in both the Milimani law courts and Kibera.

Shortly after the withdrawal of the initial case, Munene was rearrested at the Milimani court on another undisclosed fraud case.

It’s important to note that Munene was out on cash bail of 500 Kenyan shillings at the time of these developments.”

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