Gov’t set Aside Sh2 billion to Settle Absentee Landlords Problem


The government is determined to address the perennial problem of absentee landlords in the coast region to ensure locals are issued with title deeds.              

President William Ruto said the move is in line with Kenya Kwanza campaign elections pledges made last year.

He said the government is determined to eradicate the perennial problem of absentee landlords in the coast region.

‘This financial year’s budget my administration has allocated sh 2 billion to address the perennial absentee landlords problem in the region,’ he pointed out.

Ruto defended the first allocation of sh 2 billion meant to incur expenses for absentee landlords to own their parcels of lands.

He was speaking during the launch of the long-awaited Sh25 billion Mwache Multipurpose Dam project in Kwale County.

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The project has been delayed for five years due to land disputes and compensation concerns, causing anxiety among residents.

The contractor, Sino Hydro Corporation and Engineering of China, signed the deal in 2018.

The head of state told the forum his administration is committed to ensure  absentee landlord menace will be a thing of the past.

Ruto said his government will work  with all elected leaders and land owners in an organized manner to settle the absentee landlords issue once and for all.       

‘The government  move will empower local citizens to own their own lands in the region,’ he pointed out.

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