ICEA LION Group Launch Tree Nursery on National Tree Growing Day


ICEA LION Group is pleased to announce the launch of the ICEA LION Tree seedling Nursery at our Riverside Park headquarters.

This initiative is part of our commitment to environmental conservation and aligns with the Kenyan government’s efforts to enhance national forest cover. This initiative also underscores ICEA LION’s commitment towards environmental conservation and climate action.

The nursery, a collaborative project between ICEA LION and Miti Alliance, is designed to support the reforestation efforts essential for improving biodiversity and combating climate change. This launch is in line with ICEA LION’s CSI strategy, demonstrating their proactive role in environmental stewardship.

Philip Lopokoiyit, ICEA LION Group CEO, commented on the launch: “Today marks a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainability. By establishing this nursery, we aim to foster a greener future and help restore the ecological balance in our local communities.”

Naomi Munyi, ICEA LION Group CFO and Head of ESG, added, “This initiative not only contributes to the global efforts against climate change but also aligns with our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are dedicated to using our resources and influence to promote environmental awareness and action.”

The event featured a seed collection walk, where ICEA LION staff, guided by experts from Miti Alliance, gathered seeds from the indigenous trees within the ICEA LION compound. Following the walk, Miti Alliance provided training to the staff in collaboration with Mathei Munio a forester from Kenya Forestry Research Institute, focusing on the identification of native species and methods for collecting and propagating these plants. This training is part of a broader effort to educate and engage employees in sustainable practices and biodiversity conservation.

Michael Waiyaki, CEO of Miti Alliance, stated, “Our collaboration with ICEA LION is a powerful example of how corporate entities can play a pivotal role in environmental conservation. ICEA LION Group is the first and only corporate to put up a seedling nursery and today’s activities are just the beginning of a robust program aimed at nurturing biodiversity and enhancing green spaces in urban areas.”

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