Imwatok Criticizes Babu Owino in Emerging Political Feud


Makongeni Ward MCA and Leader of Majority, Peter Jateso Imwatok

  •  I am not vying for Nairobi governor, compete with Sakaja, Imwatok tells Babu.
  • Babu urges residents of Makongeni to elect former Makadara MP Reuben Ndolo because he has suffered for too long.

Political feud has emerged between Nairobi County Assembly majority leader Peter Imwatok and Embakasi East MP Babu Owino that is linked to the governor’s seat.

It comes as the ruling UDA is reorganizing its house and the leadership structures starting from grassroots through party polls.
In terse statement on the floor of the House, the majority leader told the ODM legislator to desist from political witch-hunt against the party Members of County Assembly (MCAs), in his quest for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat.
Imwatok told those aspiring for Nairobi governor’s seat to stop intimidating MCAs in their Wards. Instead, he said, they should declare their interest and face the incumbent, Governor Johnson Sakaja or other aspirants directly.
“This goes straight to Babu Owino. Let him know that Imwatok is not worried or scared of him. But I am not competing for governor. The person who is on the seat is Johnson Arthur Sakaja. Compete with him”, Imwatok lashed out at the ODM legislator.
He was speaking in the county assembly during a plenary session on Tuesday, June 4, 2024 when the House resumed from a one-month short recess.
“I have told people that I am not vying for the governor of Nairobi. Neither is any MCA in this assembly vying for the seat. If you have an issue with Sakaja, sort it out there. Don’t target Members of County Assembly, be they from ODM party or any other”, Imwatok warned the MP.
The Makongeni MCA told Babu not to drag his name in the MP’s gubernatorial aspirations.
In apparent to Babu, Imwatok noted that there were people purporting they want to be governor yet they had not called a single meeting to announce their interest.
Speaker Ken Ng’ondi presided over the resumption session that was also attended by the Leader of Minority, Anthony Kiragu and the Minority Whip, Mark Mugambi.
The two leaders from the UDA side failed to clinch slots as party delegates in the grassroots elections. They amused MCAs in the plenary session when they narrated their respective ordeals in the primaries.
Last week, Babu Owino addressed a public meeting in Makongeni Ward, which Mr Imwatok represents. The meeting was hosted by Makadara MP George Aladwa and attended by former area MP Reuben Ndolo.
Addressing the crowd in Dholuo, Babu urged the residents to support Mr Ndolo for Makadara parliamentary seat in 2027 because Mr Aladwa was aspiring for Vihiga county governor’s seat.
In his plea to the residents, a humorous Babu told the gathering that Mr Ndolo had suffered for too long in Nairobi since he lost the seat. He urged them to elect him so that he could afford a descent livelihood.
“I urge you to continue supporting Aladwa as your MP and also pray for him in his quest to be elected Vihiga governor in the next election”, Babu said.
He added: “But when time comes, consider – ukiona hao weka tyre – (Ndolo) who is here with you. He has suffered in Nairobi for a long time and he now needs some oil to make his skin smooth”.
Mr Imwatok, a three-term MCA in the Nairobi City County Assembly is said to be eyeing Makadara parliamentary seat in the 2027 General Election. He is on a collision course with the Embakasi East MP, who is vouching for the former MP.
Imwatok said it was his responsibility in the House to protect Azimio MCAs and all the rest from political intimidation by any MP, Senator or the governor.
“If you dare any Member of the County Assembly, we will be right there with you. If you are an aspirant, go to wananchi. Why are you scared of MCAs if you have the people”, he posed.
Imwatok challenged Babu to convene a town hall meeting and announce his gubernatorial candidature to exude his confidence instead of engaging in political which hunt.
“I want to challenge Babu Owino to call a meeting at Charter Hall to announce his candidature, then I will come to Embakasi East and announce that I want to be MP”, the majority leader said.
He dared the outspoken MP to publicly declare his quest for the governor’s seat instead of doing it on Facebook and X (formerly twitter) pages.

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