Is Kemsa boss Irungu Nyakera fostering bad blood between Kenya and China


Kenyans on social media have questioned the motive behind a proposal by Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa) board chair Irungu Nyakera that Kenya ends current Chinese operation contract in its operationalisation of the SGR.

Irungu who served as Devolution Principal during President Uhuru Kenyatta regime took to social media to explain what he thinks should be done to make the SGR more profitable but some of the proposals have been dismissed by economic experts as pedestrian and shallow.

He proposed a range of what he deems as credible solutions among them pushing more cargo from roads to SGR and ending the Chinese contract.

This comes at a time Kenya is tightening it’s trade relationships with more Chinese companies setting up to provide employment to many Kenyan youths.

” Kenya is not at the level where it can unilaterally end the Chinese company operations at the SGR.We can’t afford to do that now,” a netizen replied to his tweet.

Irungu is one of the PSs who were fired by former President Uhuru Kenyatta over incompetency and corruption at the Ministry of Devolution planning and the Arid and semi Arid area lands.

According to Kenyans on social media, Kenya railways so far has transformed and is on the right path
for reviving and expanding the country’s dormant railway network and pushing Nairobi’s commuter rail system.

Their has also been the start of operations for both passenger and freight services to the Suswa substation and the Naivasha Inland Container Depot.

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