Kenyan Athletes Urged To Work Closely With Government, Keep Off Doping


By Isabella Maua

Athletes from Kenya, particularly Mt. Elgon, have been urged to be patriotic and remain united for the betterment of their careers and country.

Speaking at Kongit on Friday during the funeral service of the late Amos Pkosum, who was a well-known athlete and a GSU officer, Joshua Cheptegei, a Ugandan long-distance runner currently holding the world record for 5,000 and 10,000 meters, challenged athletes to work closely with their government.

“For us to succeed in this field, we cannot ignore the government’s input, and that’s why in Uganda we work collaboratively with our president, hence the admirable results witnessed worldwide,” noted Cheptegei.

He also discouraged indiscipline and alcoholism, which are rampant among youths, citing that such habitual vices could ruin a successful career not only in athletics but in any other field.

“I eulogize my friend Amos, who was a very honest and trustworthy brother and an indomitable man whose gap might never be filled. Our youths should emulate the deceased and put our hope in God through the guidance of our clergy in different religions,” he accentuated.

On the other hand, Robin Kesis, a political enthusiast, highlighted the insurgence of doping among athletes from Mt. Elgon, especially when they are at the peak of their careers.

He further disclosed the sabotage many athletes have had to endure and at times give up their careers, especially when they go to train outside the region, for example, in Iten Camp.

“Athletics Kenya leadership in Mt. Elgon must come clean and point out the few rotten characters that have proven to be the pain in the neck of our promising athletes. We cannot continue pretending all is well while we see our generation dying a preventable death in their careers,” cited Kesis.

He also decried the protracted High Altitude Training Center, which was meant to boost the region’s rich talent but has been following up since its inception in the 2012–2017 regime.

Conclusively, Patrick Kipsang,’ a representative of Athletics Kenya in Mt. Elgon, advised upcoming and seasoned athletes to seek legit medication when in need so as to avoid the emerging cases of doping, which is mostly administered to them then-unawares by the backstreet ‘doctors.’

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