Kenyans Urged to Maintain Sobriety Amidst Rising Murder Cases


By John Kariuki

Kenyans have been implored upon to always observe sobriety before they can take any action, especially when driven by affection or even emotions.

This piece of advise has been given by a reputable psychological counsellor Madam Susan Njeri Waititu.

Njeri is the widow of former Juja Member of Parliament the late Honorable Francis Waititu who was fondly known as Wakapee.

Mrs Waititu observed that the rising cases of murders, forced disappearances, family feuds and other related occurrences are not just a one-off event but rather a build up of several frustrations which at one time erupt.

“The murders we are seeing are far from what meets the eye. Most of the times we are accustomed to believe that the perpetrator commits the offence due to one causative trigger. This is not the case from our professional counseling background. The perpetrator normally piles up anger and rage over time. This anger might arise from stress, frustrations or other factors. The moment it reaches fever pitch, he or she has no other option but to culminate it by perpetrating the magnitude of the action which is to kill.”

Mrs Waititu was however quick to urge Kenyans to always try to control their emotions and try out other amicable ways to solve a dispute or disagreement.

“It’s important to embrace dialogue and if possible involve a third party who will try and establish a solution to the matter at hand instead of boiling with rage at heart only for you to do the unimaginable.”

Of late our country Kenya has witnessed several deaths ranging from suicide, murders, abductions, forced disappearances involving people who were very close to the victims.

Moreover, these murders even involve high profile individuals in the society.

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