KPA ready to compensate Lamu fishermen


Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) is set to compensate over 4,000 fishermen in Lamu County.

In press statement to media houses the authority said it is ready to spend sh 1.1 billion as compensation to Lamu fishermen.

The compensation package is as a per court ruling and following a rigorous verification process.

The fishermen will receive their compensation following successful verification process.

The statement pointed out that the majority are boat owners who will each get sh 247,714.32.

The state corporation defended the move saying the verification exercise had been going on for some time.

The statement said the process has finally culminated in successful outcome from the 65 percent of the compensation amount allocated for cash.

The authority’s statement said the compensation process commenced a few years back with the validation and verification exercise including confirmation of national identity cards and bank account details.

Out of the exercise a total of 4,167 out of 4,754 fisherfolk were slated to sign their compensation agreements,” the statement pointed out.

The Authority clarified that the balance of 567 people was categorized as on the disputed list, but however the compensation process was abruptly halted following a directive from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC).

Additionallyfrom the disputed list of 567 fishermen, 164 individuals have been verified and deemed qualified for cash compensation.

KPA said the move makes it a total of 4,155 fisherfolk arguing the task force has since confirmed that there are 288 fishermen who have been verified and are expected to sign the agreements soon.

Therefore it means that the total number of fishermen eligible for compensation is expected to be 4,443,” the statement confirmed.


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