Lobby calls for dissolution of government over poor service delivery


Justus Mumbi Party leader Justice and Freedom party.

By Shadrack Nyakoe

The Justice and Freedom party led by its party Leader Justus Mumbi have  condemned the government for abandoning its people and failing to deliver services as per promises in their manifesto.

The lobby argued that the government has forgotten of the big four agenda and derived the energy to campaign for the building bridges initiative.

They want the government dissolved and call for fresh elections.

According to Justus Mumbi, it’s absurd for the opposition leader Raila Odinga to forget holding the government accountable and instead has immersed himself and his brigade on the BBI politics.

He said the government has not raised concerns on job losses and unemployment caused by the Covid-19 pandemic but has instead kept raising commodity prices including petroleum products.

“We urge all citizens to demand services and fulfilment of promises that politicians made to them. If they don’t, shame them in public. We will be creating a media platform to publicly condemn leaders and politicians who have failed to fulfill their promises to the electorate,” said Mumbi.

He added that it’s sad for MCAs to demand car grants for them to pass the BBI Bill which hinders their role of exercising their democratic mandate on legislation independently, and if it’s the trend, common citizens should be given some money to vote for the referendum.

The party wants civil servants to offer services diligently to Kenyans and not be dragged into politics and that whoever is not satisfied by this dispensation to resign and give a chance to Kenyans of good will to deliver.

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