Make up personal time to examine what your life is worth


By Cynthia CM

There is a famous Socrates phrase that goes, “the unexamined life is not worth living”. Do you feel you are living a monotonous life, going to work, eating and sleeping? There has to be more in life than just paying bills and ensuring you are alive, right?

Take for instance a person who thinks being in a relationship or marriage is the only way one can achieve happiness. I don’t think it is wise to place such a big burden on another person. No one person was created for the sake of another’s happiness.

 This is an equivalent to purchasing a toy. The moment that toy gets spoilt or stolen so does the joy that is derived from it. Same goes with relationships and if one treats them as their only source of happiness, as they end so does a person’s vigor for life. It is very easy to fall into depression or commit suicide after this. Some may even go on a destructive venture that ends up affecting not only themselves but others.

This is why it is important to examine our lives before entangling them with others. Finding the source of your happiness, knowing yourself, evaluating your shortcomings and more importantly checking what value you add to the society. What are you taking in to a relationship apart from your good looks, money and your body?

 Are you a source of motivation to yourself? If so, you are going to impact the same on a partner or a friend. Some friendships are created because of gossip, once you lack what to gossip about your eyes become wide open and you start seeing the faults in another. Same goes with marriage, once the looks wane or money problems arise.

The relationship experiences problems, some even end and people find themselves saying she was only with me for the money. Which in this case would be true, because that is all you were able to offer.

In essence, knowing ourselves and doing a deep search within will enable us to enrich other people’s lives in ways they cannot do so themselves. Do you ever lack what to get someone you think has it all a gift?

Well, no one ever truly has it all. Humans were made to coexist, and to do this we need to understand ourselves and only then can we try to understand others. This reminds me of the movie ‘Blindfold’ and I picture a person that is going about life without knowing what is driving them, or where they are really headed to. I implore you today, to take some time off and hang out with yourself.

Cynthia CM writes on love and relationships.

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  1. What an educative piece. And one should begin the process of examining their worth by asking, “who am I?”

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