MCA Kaende Launches Tree Planting Project in Laini Saba Ward


Once known as the “Green City in the Sun,” Nairobi’s environment has suffered from the rise of high structures and urban development, leading to the loss of its lush greenery. Deputy Majority Leader and Laini Saba MCA, John Ndile Musila, also known as Kaende, has initiated a tree planting program aimed at reversing this trend and combating climate change.

During the launch of the tree planting exercise in Laini Saba Ward, Kaende urged Nairobi residents and all Kenyans to plant and adopt a tree annually to foster environmental growth. He emphasized that climate change has had severe impacts on the country, and proactive steps are necessary to mitigate these effects.

“Today we are launching a tree planting program in Laini Saba with the help of the Green Army and support from Governor Johnson Sakaja’s office. The recent floods and droughts affecting our country highlight the need for a better environment through increased tree planting,” Kaende stated at the event.

The tree planting initiative took place at the ABC Church, YMCA Kibra, and the Laini Saba Church of God. In conjunction with this program, Hon. Musila also inaugurated a new toilet facility at the Church of God, constructed by AMREF for the benefit of local children.

“I thank AMREF for their trust and support in my leadership. This project means a lot to me and my community, and I can’t express my gratitude enough,” he added.

Kaende’s efforts reflect a commitment to restoring Nairobi’s green legacy and addressing the pressing issue of climate change through community-driven initiatives.

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