Mwea MP Mary Maingi Advocates for Sorghum Farmers Amid Heavy Rain Damage



Mwea MP Mary Maingi has voiced concerns over the impact of recent heavy rains on sorghum farming in Mwea constituency.

Many crops have suffered nutrient loss due to the excessive rainfall. Maingi urges farmers to apply foliar fertilizer to help replenish nutrients in the affected crops.

Despite the challenges, Maingi remains optimistic about the sorghum harvest, noting a diverse range of crops at varying maturity levels.

She highlights the ongoing support from Kenya Breweries, which offers extension services and plans to purchase the entire mature harvest.

Maingi reaffirms her dedication to Mwea farmers, vowing to continue her efforts until every farmer achieves financial success.

Her commitment underscores the importance of supporting agricultural resilience in the face of adverse weather conditions.

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