Mutheki Sacco Chairman Advocates for Financial Freedom Through Sacco Participation




Mr. Stanley Kawiri Gachuru, Chairman of Mutheki Sacco, has emphasized the pivotal role of Credit and Savings entities in fostering economic empowerment within communities. With a focus on serving Githurai residents over the past decade, Mutheki Sacco stands as a beacon of financial inclusion and opportunity.

Mr. Gachuru highlighted the streamlined and accessible nature of Mutheki Sacco’s loan offerings, emphasizing their commitment to providing financial support to members without the burdensome requirements often associated with traditional financial institutions. With a competitive interest rate of 12% reducing balance and a simple guarantee system requiring three guarantors, Mutheki Sacco ensures swift loan disbursement, often within hours of application.

The Sacco’s inclusivity is underscored by its open invitation to all individuals, particularly young people seeking avenues for economic development and financial security. Mr. Gachuru advised young people on the significance of Saccos as vehicles for achieving financial freedom, noting the dual benefits of access to emergency funds and the opportunity for savings to accrue interest over time.

Mutheki Sacco operates within the framework of government regulations, ensuring compliance and accountability in all its activities. Offering three categories of loans, including development loans, emergency loans for school fees, and personal leisure loans, the Sacco caters to diverse financial needs within the community.

Mr. Gachuru called for increased government efforts to educate the public about the benefits of Saccos, recognizing their instrumental role in economic empowerment and financial stability. As a testament to its success, Mutheki Sacco distributed a dividend of 20% to shareholders, reflecting the organization’s commitment to sharing prosperity with its members.

Looking ahead, Mutheki Sacco aims for expansion, with plans to open additional branches across the country to better serve its growing membership base. Through continued advocacy and service provision, Mutheki Sacco remains dedicated to realizing its mission of fostering financial freedom and prosperity for all.

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