Nairobi County Chief Officer Nominee Amina Mohamed Shines in Vetting Process



Today marked the commencement of the vetting process for Nairobi County chief officers, and one standout nominee was Madam Amina Mohamed, who showcased her extensive experience and commitment in the field of nutrition.

Madam Amina Mohamed, nominated for the Wellness and School Feeding Program, demonstrated her vast expertise in nutrition programs during the vetting session.

With over 12 years of experience in various nutrition initiatives, she emerged as a distinguished candidate for the role.

The vetting proceedings were conducted by Nairobi Members of County Assembly (MCAs), led by Maurice Ochieng, the chairman of the Health Committee in the County Assembly.

Madam Amina Mohamed’s presentation and responses during the vetting underscored her competency and dedication to the cause.

“If approved as the Chief Officer for Wellness, Nutrition, and School Feeding Program, my first task will be to formulate guidelines and policies to facilitate the implementation of the school feeding program, popularly known as ‘Dishi na County’,” Madam Amina Mohamed stated before the vetting committee.


She further assured the vetting board of her commitment to ensuring that no school-going child is left behind in the program under her leadership.

“I will ensure that we accurately capture the target population so that every child receives the necessary support. Our primary goal is to prioritize the health and well-being of every child,” she affirmed.

The “Dishi na County” program, initiated last year by Governor Johnstone Sakaja, aims to address nutritional needs among school children.

With Madam Amina Mohamed’s expertise and vision, the program is poised to make significant strides in promoting the health and nutrition of Nairobi’s youth.


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