Kenya Ports Authority Faces Scrutiny Over Unsecured Land Parcels



The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) has come under the spotlight as the Public Investment Committee on Commercial Affairs and Energy raised concerns about the Authority’s failure to secure unoccupied land parcels.

During the examination of KPA’s Audited Accounts for the fiscal years 2019/2020 and 2020/2021, chaired by Hon. David Pkosing of Pokot West, it was revealed that KPA lacks title deeds for seventeen land parcels valued at a staggering Kshs. 2,909,300,000.

Hon. Pkosing expressed alarm over the potential risk of losing these valuable assets and questioned the measures in place to safeguard them. In response, Captain William K. Ruto, the Managing Director of KPA, admitted to the vulnerability of the unutilized land. He disclosed ongoing efforts to obtain new titles, including filing affidavits for provisional titles and cautions.


However, Hon. Pkosing voiced dissatisfaction with the pace of KPA’s actions, warning that the delay could expose the land to potential grabs. He urged the Authority to take swift action, including placing caveats to protect KPA’s interests. The Committee members echoed these concerns, emphasizing the critical importance of reclaiming and safeguarding KPA’s assets.

In addition to the land issue, the Committee raised questions about the prolonged tenure of eight employees serving in acting capacities, contrary to KPA’s HR policy. Concerns were also raised regarding the validity of fuel expenses and the lack of documentation for repairs and maintenance of Kisumu Pier and Dock infrastructure.

The Committee’s scrutiny highlights the need for prudent management and accountability within public institutions like KPA. It serves as a stark reminder for KPA to expedite efforts to secure its assets and adhere to HR policies to ensure effective operations and the protection of public resources.

With members such as Hon. Opiyo Wandayi, Hon. Adan Keynan, Hon. Sarah Korere, Hon. (Dr.) Babu Owino, and others present at the meeting, the Committee remains vigilant in its oversight role, ensuring transparency and accountability in Kenya’s key public entities.

As KPA navigates these challenges, stakeholders and the public await concrete actions to address the concerns raised by the Committee, securing the Authority’s assets and upholding the integrity of its operations.

Stay tuned for further developments as the Committee continues its investigation into the affairs of the Kenya Ports Authority.

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