National Land Commission Grants Approval for New Homabay County Headquarters Construction


The National Land Commission (NLC)has approved the land lease request by the County Government of Homabay for the development of the new Homabay County Headquarters.

This critical step paves the way for the construction of a modern and efficient facility that will serve the people of Homabay for the years to come.

The county has leased the land to the CPF Group which will develop the project through a financing model, the tenant purchase scheme that allows for flexible and long-term financial support. This project has been made possible by the Homa Bay County Infrastructure Act that was passed at the County Assembly to provide a framework for partnerships with private and public entities to finance County priority infrastructure.

“We are delighted to present the lease approval to the County Government of Homabay,” lauded the National Land Commission Chair, Mr. Gershom Otachi. “Homa Bay has set the way for ensuring compliance with the law on strategic utilization of land to attract long-term investment. NLC stands ready to facilitate similar transactions for other County Governments.”

“We thank the National Land Commission and Homabay County for facilitating this transaction and making the project attractive for potential investors. We are excited to be pioneers of a transaction engagement of this kind that leverages innovative financing models like the tenant purchase scheme for public infrastructure projects,” said CPF Group Managing Director/CEO, Dr. Hosea Kili.

“This achievement represents a significant landmark for us as a county, we are grateful to the National Land Commission for expediting this process. We are also proud to partner with CPF Group, which has demonstrated its confidence in our county’s financial standing. The new headquarters will serve as a cornerstone for enhanced innovation, productivity, and service delivery for all residents of Homabay.” said the Homabay County Governor, H. E Gladys Wanga.

The construction of the Homabay County Headquarters is a significant step towards a brighter future for the county. This project will not only provide a modern and efficient workspace for county government officials, but it will also serve as a symbol of progress and development for the entire region.

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