Not behind  Protest Against Mombasa Governor-Cement Firm


Mombasa Cement Management has dissociated itself from a protest against Mombasa governor Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir over the company’s philanthropic work.

The firms CEO refuted claims he is behind the Monday protest against the county government organised by Voice of Mombasa movement.

“Abdulswamad’s critics should stop using the company’s name to settle  their political scores against him. Let them protest at their own cost and should stop using the company’s name against governor,” the company Chief Executive Officer Hasmuki Patel  alias  Hasu said.

He warned that he does not want to see the company being associated with any movement or being affiliated to any political party or side.

Through the company representative Mohammed Amir he insisted the company is not affiliated to any political   party.

He added the company management does not encourage demonstrations and urged Kenyans to embrace peace.

“The sentiments against the planned protest were made in good faith,” he pointed out.

Amir said the company has distanced itself from any organized protest aimed at disrupting peace and tranquility.

He was addressing the media at Royal Castle Hotel in Mombasa county while reacting to some social media reports.

The cement company representative sought to put the record straight that they are not at war with the Mombasa Governor despite the social media narrative.

Amir, who was accompanied by the firm’s representatives Samir Bhaloo  and Imtaz Sayani, told the media the company has no issues with Nassir’s administration.

He added beautification is still on the forefront of the company’s agenda.

“The animal sculptures located at Makupa roundabout won’t be relocated to Kilifi county and they will continue to remain in Mombasa,” he said.

The cement company representative said the company CEO has no intention of withdrawing his support from the county government.

Amir told the media they distance themselves from claims that the company has issues against the county government.

He added the company is working closely with all levels of Nassir’s administration.

“We are also working with the national government to enhance the lives of members of the public both at the county and  national level,” he added.

The cement company representative defended the company’s track record saying it is involved in Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] projects which are currently undergoing and which are at Hasu’s heart.

Amir acknowledged some small misunderstanding on donor funds being channeled to public institutions will soon be solved amicably.

He pointed out the avenue of protests is not healthy for the county and urged those behind the move to desist.

“Stop politicizing the company and the misunderstanding with the county government,” he pointed out.

The cement company beautification team’s Sayani said the motive behind the day’s media briefing was to clear the air over a negative story on social media that the company has relocated animal sculptures to a neighboring county which he said was mere propaganda.

He reiterated the company management is not at war with the county or  the governor.

“Hasu has been in a good relationship with Abdulswamad before he was elevated to the position of governor,” he pointed out.

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