Webuye Upgraded to Municipality, Awarded 324 M By World Bank


By Isabella Maua

Bungoma governor Kenneth Lusaka has officially declared the upgrading of Webuye Municipality further divulging that it will receive 324 Million from  World Bank under new gazettment  targeting infrastructural development.

Speaking at a funeral service in Sitikho Ward, Webuye West Sub County, the principal expressed his exhilaration on the matter.

 “After a long push, I am glad to report that Webuye town has been approved and upgraded to Municipality status, this will go no doubt aid in fostering development and creation of job opportunities for residents,” he said.

He further announced that in the new gazette notice, Webuye town will get an infrastructural development fund from World Bank that will factor in Sitikho, Maraka, Matulo, Mihuu, Misikhu, Bokoli and Ndivisi Wards.

“Our efforts towards making Bungoma great is transformational and we are on course to better the livelihoods of our people,” he stated.

Lusaka further stated that the legacy regime is on course and projects have been initiated in every department.

“We have rolled out projects in every department, major markets will be lit and health facilities in equipped , we’re also working on our road network to improve our economy,”he affirmed.

The County boss  on the other had reassured parents that the County Government will continue executing it’s constitutional mandate of Vocational Training Centres and ECDE emphasising that scholarships will empower poor and vulnerable students.

“As a county government, we are bound to execute solemn functions in VTC and ECD and  are also streamlining the scholarship program to ensure that our poor and vulnerable children realize their academic dreams,” Lusaka asserted.

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