Bungoma Senator Warn County Officials Over Funds Misappropriation


By Isabella Maua

Bungoma Senator David Wakoli has on Saturday issued stern warning to county officials who plan to squander or misappropriate county funds.

Speaking at a funeral service in Webuye West, Wakoli speculated that with the recent  allocation and soon disbursement of funds, crafty county staff are bound to emerge.

“I have issued stern warning to county staff who are salivating over money meant for  Bungoma County residents,” Wakoli cautioned.

He further added that they’re in agreement with Governor Lusaka to ensure revenue allocation for Bungoma is prudently used to swiftly change the lives of the locals.

“We are soon expecting Equalisation Fund – this is money meant for marginalized areas in our county and we shall ensure responsible persons account for every coin,” the principal accentuated.

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