Politician Samuel Sane Raise Alarm over Looming Accidents in Nairobi City


Samuel Sane Ole Kitene, a prominent politician from Kajiado County, is sounding the alarm about a potential wave of accidents looming in Nairobi City due to aging and tilting electrical and fiber poles lining the highways.

Expressing deep concern, Sane underscores the imminent danger these poles pose, particularly to drivers who may be unaware of the lurking hazards. He is calling on the government to urgently intervene and rectify the escalating situation to avert potential disasters.

Musician Samuel Sane raise alarm over looming accidents in Nairobi City

Sane directs criticism at both Kenya Power and WiFi network service providers, alleging their negligence in installing poles with insufficient support. He singles out specific locations, such as the roundabout connecting Uhuru Highway and Kenyatta Avenue, where he observes a perilous tilt in poles that could collapse at any moment, especially exacerbated by the ongoing rainy season.

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The politician highlights the pressing need for immediate action, emphasizing the potential risks if the situation is left unaddressed. He warns of the perilous conditions and calls on the relevant authorities to swiftly rectify rectify the infrastructure issues before accidents occur.

This cautionary statement follows a recent incident where a viral video circulated on social media, depicting a vehicle destroyed by a fallen electric pole on Kahawa Sukari Road. The incident serves as a poignant reminder of the real and immediate threat posed by the compromised state of these infrastructure elements, further emphasizing the urgency of preventative measures to ensure public safety.

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