Promoting local Talents Through Manufacturing


By John Kariuki

The Government has been keen in calling for local industries to boost the Government’s pillar of manufacturing for job creation.

It’s for this reason that an entrepreneur by the name of Boaz Arts came up with an idea to re-use scrap and off-cuts to create valuable products and souvenirs.

In a visit to his Workshop in Ruai, Boaz had this to tell the Mount Kenya Times E-paper:

“My name is Boaz, the brainchild and founder of Boaz Metal Arts based in Ruai. Initially we used to manufacture gates but as need arose and also due to public demand we shifted to fabricating scrap metal in order to make objects that resemble wild animals. Our key target is corporate and institutions,” Mr. Boaz said.

To show how passionate he is with his work which he does out of passion, Boaz and his team of innovators fashioned a unique gift which they made specifically for His Excellency The President Dr William Ruto. The Gift is a Coat of arms , purely handmade and depicting all the features of the National Coat of arms.”

Proud of his work, Mr Boaz elaborates to us that the other side of the coin is less bright. He explains:

“The cost of production is usually high even though we use locally sourced raw materials in the form of scrap metal and off-cuts which are then carefully sewn and welded together to form an impressive final product. The greatest challenge is the link to the market and especially to make such a unique brand visible.

The Government especially the Ministry of Trade and industry should come out and promote us in order that we can continue to create employment especially for the youth.

Another unique feature of these products that Boaz Metal Arts designs is that they are eco-friendly.

Initially such sculptures used to be made out of hard wood, plastic or fibre glass all of which are highly detrimental to the environment. But for us, we take part in environmental conservation through utilisation of off-cuts and scrap metal to make durable and home made products.

Boaz explains that these unique products can be custom made to meet every clients needs.

“They can be used in many different ways and places. For example, the Coat of arms can be placed in State House , the animal sculptures can be used or decorate and facelift recreational facilities such as Uhuru Park and Uhuru Gardens, Michuki park as well as other public places.

The wild animals can also be used to line up Langata Road in a bid to boost domestic tourism in the adjacent Nairobi National park. They can also be used to highlight Kenya unique heritage by strategically placing them in the Airport.” He explains.

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