Resident of Eldas Constituency in Wajir County seeks financial documents from KERRA on roads construction


By Denis Wanyonyi

A resident of Eldas Constituency in Wajir County has written to Kenya Rural Roads Authority “KERRA” seeking to be supplied with all the financial documents that show how money was spend on roads construction.

Through the law firm of Wesonga,Mutembei and Kigen, Mr Faisal Abdidikadir Adan has asked the director general for KURA to furnish him with all the documents that shows how much money was used in constructing roads in the entire constituency between the years 2015 to 2022.

“A complete list of all the companies/Entities that tendered for construction, upgrading, rehabilitation and maintanance including all the successful bidders during the period in question” Said Faisal in a letter.

According to him, the citizen of Eldas constituency have a right to access such information for the purpose of transparency and accountability.

Mr Faisal also want to be supplied with the documents of the list of the roads that were upgraded, maintained and rehabilitated with there Specifications.

Through the letter,Faisal is also seeking Tender Committee evaluation reports for all the bids in respect to all the roads that whose construction was advertised and awarded.

Faisal letter to KERRA comes barely atl month after another resident of Mandera North Constituency wrote the a letter to the Authority seeking the same.

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