Residents of Ghetto Village in Kiamaiko Seek Resolution to Decades-Long Land Dispute


Kiamaiko MCA Leads Effort to Reclaim Illegally Seized Land

Kiamaiko MCA Joseph Karanja Ndungu, alongside members of the Ghetto community, has taken a bold step in their fight against alleged land grabbing.

Their efforts culminated in the submission of a petition to the Land and Planning Committee,Led by Kitusuru MCA Alvin Palapala aimed at reclaiming ownership of land purportedly seized by a private developer.

The origins of this dispute can be traced back to 1970, when Ghetto Village emerged as a resettlement site for victims of a catastrophic fire that ravaged nearby Huruma Village, affecting approximately 1,050 households. However, the community’s aspirations for progress encountered a significant setback in 2009 when stakeholders withdrew their support upon discovering contentious issues surrounding land ownership.

“The land was illegally acquired by the late Francis Mbao Murige, where residents of Ghetto have resided since 1984, following a tragic inferno that devastated our village. The government allocated this land to us under a squatter arrangement,” explained Kiamaiko MCA Joseph Karanja Ndungu.

He further elaborated, “When the Kenya Informal Settlement Improvement Program intervened in Kiamaiko, particularly in Ghetto Village, to enhance infrastructure, we discovered that a title had been issued for the land, hindering investors from its development.”

The petition outlined previous attempts to address the irregular allocation, including correspondence sent to the Commissioner of Lands and the former Director of City Planning. However, their efforts proved futile as the disputed title deed for plot number LR.209/12290 remained unrevoked, exacerbating residents’ grievances of being marginalized and unfairly treated.

“We feel deeply aggrieved as the land was significantly reduced from its original size to a mere fraction, with the Ministry of Lands irregularly awarding it to one individual without consulting or notifying the residents,” voiced Kiamaiko MCA Joseph Karanja Ndungu.

“We implore and pray that the land, unlawfully allocated to Francis Mbau Murigi, be reverted to Ghetto Lands and Housing Cooperative Society, and the title deed issued in his favor be rescinded,” he emphasized.

Joseph Ndungu Karanja expressed his dissatisfaction, stating, “The committee has listened to us, and we believe that we will reclaim the land, resolving a predicament that has plagued us for approximately 45 years.”

As the Ghetto community continues its fight for justice and the restoration of their land rights, their petition serves as a testament to their unwavering resolve in the face of adversity. The outcome of their efforts remains to be seen, but their determination remains steadfast in seeking redress for the alleged injustices endured over decades.

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