Revealed: Katoo Ole Metito out to scuttle Ruto’s Inroads in Maa land


The recent handover of Amboseli National Park back to Maasai community has raffled feathers in the community leadership, with State House Comptroller Katoo Ole Metito agitated.

Sources with clear understanding of the foregoing told The Times in confidence that the state house man is not happy with Kajiado County governor Joseph Ole Lenku’s successful venture to have Amboseli back to the community.

It is alleged that Ole Metito has been blinded by clan politics to blur what is good for the larger community.

He comes from the Ilmolelian sub-clan of Odomong’i Clan commonly known as the “Red Cow” while Lenku originates from the Ilatayiok Clan of the Orokiteng ( or Black Cow).

Katoo’s ambition for the Kajiado Governor’s seat began in 2017 when during the day and weighed down by the Jubilee Party collective responsibility,he would support Lenku but secretely push for Governor David Kepue Nkedienye, from the Ilmokesen sub clan, to be re-elected in the hope that he would benefit from Kenya’s politics of succession and be named the preferred candidate for 2022.

His plans collapsed and Lenku won his first term in 2017 as a governor.

It is said that Ole Metito, who clearly has access to liquid cash from his position as Statehouse Comptroller is now using his new found wealth and influence to not only meddle in Kajiado County operations but also sponsoring a battery to ensure they tarnish the name of Lenku in order to reduce his popularity as the Maasai spokesperson.

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“He is desperate to see Lenku go home before his second term as Governor is over” .

Behind the scenes, we have unravelled an intricate web of conspiracy between Katoo and some disgruntled forces to ensure Lenku does not have an opportunity to name and support his successor when his term ends.

He has found allies for hire, from as deep as the County government staff with one Musa Naini Tipape, a former sub county revenue director, becoming the poster boy of Katoo’s Plot to send Ole Lenku home.

Katoo, by his position,is alleged to be deploying millions of shillings through Naini to destabilise the Lenku government.

The recent successful handover of Amboseli to the community, an initiative by President William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua is not lost to Katoo that Lenku, an ODM governor seems to be in close contact with President Ruto and his Deputy Rigathi Gachagua especially with the recent handover of Amboseli National Park back to Kajiado County.

A fete achieved by Lenku after over 50 years of previous leaders pleading with the four former presidents to return the grabbed land back to the Maa Nation, unsuccessfuly.

One of the tactics Katoo is using is splashing millions of shillings at fundraisers in Kajiado County over the weekends.

He is working very closely with Woman Rep Leah Sopiato Sankaire who is his mouthpiece and distributor of hundreds of thousands in functions and Harambees especially in Kajiado West to undermine the area MP George Sunkuyia.

One wonders how liquid Statehouse is for him to access endless bags of money for his attempts at an early campaign for Governorship of Kajiado County.

Katoo’s heavy bankrolling of a relentless campaign against Lenku was evident in the impeachment motion drama where his errand boy, Naini Musa presented his paper work by accessing the county assembly through a fence accompanied by hired private security of over 10 heavily armed men in black who wore dark shades and rode in a motorcade of high end cars befitting a senior politician.

Katoo also ensured he sponsored the same Naini Musa to be hosted at a local radio station where he masquaraded as the Director of Revenue in charge of Kajiado County when he is infact the former director at sub-county level and is now under interdiction and disciplinary investigations for his insubordination.

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A source claims that hundreds of thousands were used to buy the airspace in this media house that has recently been struggling to pay its employees but from someone close to Naini, this money may not have reached its intended recipient.

He very likely pocketed it. Rumours are rife that there could be defamation lawsuits on the way against him.

Katoo is also undermining his boss President Ruto by trying to sabotage the smooth transition of Amboseli Park back to Kajiado. He has Instructed his troops of former Governor David Nkesienye, Leah Sankaire and some MCAs led by Stephen Ngatho of Olkeri, to boycott all events of Amboseli National Park take over.

He is deploying state resources for his political agenda in Kajiado in 2027 and hopes the Amboseli handover does not work during Lenku’s term. He knows all too well this will cement Lenku’s legacy as the Maa spokesperson and leader.

He has declared that Lenku must not finish his term arguing that he would be too strong if allowed to go all the ten years.

Katoo’s personal ambition will definitely hurt President Ruto’s plan to win over the people of Kajiado, especially the Maa community whose recent joy of getting their Amboseli back will be scuttled in order for Katoo to ensure he runs and wins in 2027 and the handover is completed when he becomes Governor. His win is only likely if he succeeds in fighting Lenku.

Katoo’s millions diverted from State Coffers at State House are definitely a huge factor in his attempt at disrupting the Kajiado County Government operations and his early campaigns for Governorship.

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