Sidai Offers Cheapest Incentive to Low Income Earners


When we talk of land we can’t overlook the name Sidai Group which is one of the leading and most trusted companies selling land and properties at the most affordable price that suites even the pocket of a common mwananchi.

Sidai Group maintains on its program a variety of land spaces from commercial to residential where you can decide to build a home, commercials, or practice agriculture in their productive soils and all this enables you as a client to choose the perfect place that suits your needs.

Sidai Group Real Estate has different packages for its clientele including diaspora and local customers.

Diaspora buyers can comfortably buy when abroad where Sidai will offer them valuable land plus offer them unexpected after-sale services such as advisory services, property management, and also fence for them which saves their clients the time and extra cost of being present physically to undertake all these duties.

The good news is even ‘Wanjiku” handling small businesses and earning a small amount of income can also actualize her dream of owning land via Sidai because she has the option of paying over a prolonged period to fit her small income and the prices range from as low as Ksh.450,000 which can be paid in small installments.

The biggest stress is usually holding that title deed in your hands because most land sellers don’t speed up the process of giving out title deeds to their clients. 

Surprisingly here at Sidai, you can get your title deed within just 90days or less immediately after you are done paying for the parcel which makes it easier for you to continue developing your land without the stress of thinking if you lost your money to some unscrupulous agents

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